This is the official Web site of artist Mark Maddox. Please look around and E-mail us what you think or if you are interested in commisioning Mark.

Below is some of Mark's more recent work. It includes covers for HorrorHound, Screem Magazine, Undying Monsters, Little Shoppe of Horrors, Monsters From Hell and much more.

WomanInBlackSmallSample MummysHandSmall VampyrasSample
Frankenstein2SmallSample RedMenaceSample SatanicRites
Spookenanny DarkShadowsNew DarkShadowsOriginal
Akira Takarada Brides of Dracula Fiona Lewis
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We're posting some of Mark's newest work to the right. He has been very busy doing covers for Moonstone comics, which include, Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files, The Heap and That Man Flint. Other recent covers he's rendered include Undying Monsters Magazine, Little Shoppe of Horrors Magazine, Mad Scientist Magazine, Hammer Fantasy & Sci-Fi for Hemlock Books, The Last Bus To Bray: The Unfilmed Hammer, and the first volumes in Don Glut's New Adventures Of Frankenstein series.

Mark Wins the Rondo Award for 2011 Horror Artist of the Year

Here is Mark with Creature from the Black Lagoon star Julie Adams after just having received their Awards. Ms. Adams won for lifetime acheivement.

Adams Maddox Rondos

Mark with Japanese film star Akira Takarada

In Chicago Mark had the opportunity to meet Akira Takarada, leading man in the original 1954 film Godzilla and many other motion pictures. Mr. Takarada was quite moved by Marks rendition of him.

Maddox and Takarada

Mark Is Accepting Commissions

Illustrations, Cover art, concept design, sketchcards, portraits private works, etc. Mark is accepting a wide variety of commissions. If you have anything in mind please feel free to contact us:

Maddox Planet

Mark Maddox:
A Brief Biography

Mark was born in Panama City, Florida in 1961. The child of a military family he spent his early years in Germany, South Dakota, Maryland and North Carolina. He began drawing at an early age, inspired by artists like Jack Kirby, James Bama and many others. He felt he could not get enough of the art he admired so he created his own to fill the gap.

As a child Mark knew he would be an artist in his professional career. His family moved to Tallahassee, Florida in 1975 and upon graduating high school, he received education in commercial art from Lively Vocational Technical Center and fine art from Florida State University.

Mark Maddox is a Rondo Hatton and Pulp Factory Award winning artist. He has been doing illustrations for Doctor Who Magazine, as well as Warner Brothers, EMCE Toys, SCREEM Magazine, HorrorHound, Little Shoppe Of Horrors Magazine, Video Watchdog, Mad Scientist, Monsterverse, Undying Monsters Magazine, Hemlock Books, Publicis Worldwide, The Stark Raving Group,Cornerstone Publishing, Diabolique Magazine, Alchemy Werks, New Legend Productions, Bookmarks Magazine, Flying Labs Software, White Rocket Books, Breygent Card Company, Black Coat Press, Moonstone Comics with such titles as Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files, The Heap, The Red Menace, Flint and more. His desire is to create the most memorable illustrations possible and he approaches every project with that goal in mind.

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